Every Day Then, Every Day Now

Every day you tell me I'm worthless.

Every day you make me focus on you.

Can you not sense this sadness?

A sadness that is new.


Every day you try to change me.

Every day you ask for money.

I should try to flee.

Yet when I try, you suddenly call me honey.


Every day I give you everything.

Everday I try to show my love.

What I get back is just one thing,

You staring at me from above.


After all of this, I still stayed.

After all of this, I loved you.

After all of this, I treated you well.

After all of this, I was patient.


I should have left.

Left far before you.

Now the only thing I regret,

Is haven fallen for you


Now I have moved on,

Moved on to a better place.

A place far beyond.

A place without your presence and face.


I have met someone.

Someone who I can embrace.

Someone who has taught me,

Taught me what love is.


Every day I am told I'm loved.

Every day I am respected.

I am no longer looked from above.

I am no longer inspected.


Every day this person gives me affection.

Every day we care for each other.

I am no longer looking for a connection.

I no longer feel like a bother.


I am happy, for I have moved on,

Moved on to a real relationship.

All the pain that I felt is gone.

This relationship was worth the trip.


You said you loved me.

Yet I always felt so blue.

When this person says it,

I know it is true.


For the words "because I love you",

Have no power to manpulate.

They have become something new.

They have become sincere words from my soulmate.


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