african amercian

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You ready I'm ready You ready I'm ready  Ok   I'm Mr.Freeze because I'm in an icebox I freeze up on stage I'll die of shock
When I was nine everything seemed fine. I had many friends of all colors because back then everything was bliss. I didn't know the darkness of my skin could cause so much ignorance.
Today I’m gonna take you all into a world we don’t all know. A world that contains all of Us. A world with its high’s and its lows  
The people of this world are blind to the bulls***, Focusing on every false thing that's in the newsprint.   When will you learn, You can't trust the ignorant, simpleminded,
Black, Buried, Brutal. i am a black male. Buried underneath stereotypic lies. Should I speak? or has everything been said. I am a black boy. Buried by my melanin self conscience of my skin
 My black son even though your fearless, I'm not I pray you come home everyday. My black son you may be cluess about what's going on around you but I'm not I'll guide you to knowledge.
Poetry Written As Performed.   I am 1 in 4. Not 1 in 4 to rebel against my parents and dye my hair a crazy color.
I’ve lived in the same city my whole life but I still get treated like a foreigner.
Open your eyes what do you see? A very funny question you should ask me. Am I the only one seeing things wrong? Am I the only one seeing the malfunction going on?
i have always been a fighter. not the "squae up, meet me afterschool" type of fight. i'm talking about the boy in my class just called me the "n word,"
It's a sin The aphrodisiac relationship blood has with skin 
Forget the white picket fence I hope for graduations and congratulations Not my people wishing for that fenceIt's the American Dream they tell you , but when your life is set up to watch you fall they fail youIt's inevitable , given the cards they
I look in the mirror and I see  the god Shango staring back at me. Where I expect to see my reflection, I do. And yet, it is more than it ever was. My broad chest and shoulders,
I do not live to appease anyone. Why do you categorize me? Why is my appearance labeled, Am im not good enough for “Your” society? Why does the color of my skin designate what school district im welcomed in?
When you’re born they ask how dark?Does my life matter?When you’re a toddler and people call you pickaninnyDoes my life matter?
the dermatologist tells me i'm not defined by my skin.   in my head, i laugh a little.   i am not defined by my skin, this woman tells me, as i'm crying crocodile tears,  
Funny thing about a certain hot button issue, is people only listen when it comes time to miss you. When they can no longer dismiss you; the latter is a hero. Exploiting their favoritism to avoid the fear of
I know you see it.It's as Black as the midnight sky, it's Brown like the Earth you step on.The crescent in my grin, the softness of my skin.Bronze, dark, and gleaming.
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