Black, Buried, Brutal

Black, Buried, Brutal.

i am a black male.

Buried underneath stereotypic lies.

Should I speak? or has everything been said.

I am a black boy.

Buried by my melanin

self conscience of my skin

my history determines the life I will live.

brutal phrases peirce my skin as I try to speak truth on the lies within.

Like how the statue of liberty was actually a black queen turned into a white liberty however,

she kept her chains

she left her mark.

I am only a black man and now I undertsand who I am.

My skin is gold, my race is pure, 

I am not buried

I am known.

 We wear are chains by our feet as our beautiful black queen.

I have pride in my race which is brutal to them.

I am a black man I am not buried.

I am known.

My life is not brutal for I am just chained by my feet.

Black, Buried, Brutal



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