Open your eyes


United States

Open your eyes what do you see? A very funny question you should ask me.

Am I the only one seeing things wrong? Am I the only one seeing the malfunction going on?

Am I the only one who finds it offensive how my “natural hair” isn’t a standard for beauty?

Or better yet how I can’t  talk to my peers about systematic oppression but they know every word to “bad & bougie”.

Am I the only one? Answer me!

They took the chains off long along but we’re still enslaved to society.

I grew up in American or as others say “the land of the free”.

Well if that’s true why can’t I walk the street without looking “suspicious” or a cop stopping me?

Open your eyes I often asked what about world love, peace, and equality?

I find it funny how its so much money for wars but not a dime for poverty. 

I write this for my black & brown brothers and sisters, my girls with the hijab , LGBT community and others who are judge by who they are.

I just want you to realize you’re not a satistic and can rise above this “society expectation” bar.

Its just one last question from me.

Open you eyes what do you see?




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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