'I am... Scholarship Slam' Slam Poetry

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Greenhouse gases Impact the masses  Heat trapped Wild families struggling to adapt Polluted air Classic myth to modern nightmare Ecosystems dying It seems as though, we've stopped trying
She used to be happy A life full of colors But, then it was all taken  With only one phone call  Two family members had passed away She felt lost, empty, and confused 
I didn't have the easiest life, but I didn't have the hardest. There were many things to happen, the worst to come was mental illnesses. I have anxiety, depression, and MPD, and so do a lot of you.
4 Hours And 37 Minutes Away Id Walk A Thousand Miles Just For My Queen Long Distance Missing Faces Two Different Places Minds Connected Lovers Forever My Sunshine Id Walk 4 Hours And
What I Need What I will need will not include Fire, water, earth What I will need will not include Water, food, shelter What I will need will not include People, objects -- Promises --
Walls of white. The black of night. All of which confine this voice inside I try to hide. I dare not cross the line. This voice, it grows, my eyes, they show
Have you ever been lied to? Judged or picked on? Do you truly know the difference between right and wrong? If you suddenly have an answer to that question,
The athlete no one knows The athlete who shows no woes I'm am the athlete calm and cool On the mat I will school I am the athlete smart and loud I am the athlete, and I am proud
When things are all impaired your brain cannot compare the things in life have all canged in this one moemnet I lay the "buzzng" bees inside my brain block all the senses I claim
 p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } Young, curious, absent-minded placed in a world of confusion forced to obtain knowledge and seek information Nomadic, in search for friends and acquaintances
I ama former wife I ama want-to-be mother I aman abuse survivor I amaballofanxiety I amdepressedhappystressed
Fumbling Through Who I Am   Sometimes I wonder "Who am I" Am I just a person hiding behind a mask Pretending to be someone I am not Am I playing a dire game by doing so 
Through the course of reality, We develop individuality. Shaped by circumstance old and new, We are asked, “Who are you?” Who are you and who am I? Changing in the blink of an eye,
I am me If someone asks Just flip in the dictionary I don't wear masks Look under wild Look under crazy That's where I'm filed That's where you will find me If you ask who am I
When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to fear the water, for she did not want me to drown. She did not mention we can drown in more than just water. I am in middle school, drowning in insecurities. Weird
He said I was a liar, I said "you just don't know the truth."  She said I'm not pretty, I said "well I'm sure not ugly." They said I wasn't good enough, I said "you’re right, I am more than good enough."
I can be  carefree, I will be passionate, Sometimes I am tempermental,  I am at times gloomy,  yet, I will be bubbly and affectionate,  Always I will be devoted,  I am perfectly imprefect
I can be  carefree, I will be passionate, Sometimes I am tempermental,  I am at times gloomy,  yet, I will bubbly and affectionate,  Always I will be devoted,  I am perfectly imprefect I am me!
Slam! On the door, Whimsical life of a caged bird Military, extended family A question of read-wit-write Player of games, the lines of solitude 1       2       3       4       5
i am not Me
I was somebody who didn't take anything seriously I was somebody who didn't care about school  and wasted away my time doing unimportant things I was somebody who didn't care about others
I used to be fragile. As light as a feather. As delicate as a dandelion.   I used to be lost. So unsure of everything. Never knowing which road was better to take.   I used to be afraid.
I feel like I've been underwater and I'm just now coming up for air everything seemed so shaky and now it's crystal clear   maybe you pulled me out or maybe I'd been drifting out
I hold a drawing up to you, it was really quite sloppy, but the grin on my face was rather silly.
Day by day, night by night Still trying to figure out what's right At the end of the day, it's my decision But I value other peoples opinion thats being given  Being shy has never been easy
50k for college It is just expensive knowledge I am screaming to the college debts Like stop it But does no good  if I do not have deep pockets Everyone doing this poem need the money
...I awaken with death sloshing in my mind...   I am washed up again on a liminal shore Where gloaming and dawn converge To wage their perennial war  
I am a woman of god
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