black lives

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looking up at the sky seeing not rainwater, but the blood of my brother’s and sister’s.   I have no eyes, i am in chains.   Here I present a man
  Who We Are   Imagine this Your ancestors living life free, No worries in the world, Until foreigner’s land in your city,
My brothers and sisters, Related by the shade of our skin. My brothers and sisters, Targeted by men who can’t fit in. My brothers and sisters, Running from the pigs that harm our men just because they can. 
fear me.
Listen dammit! Our world appears perfect our town with families where everyone knows each others faces.Our televisions shows and movies seem like we laugh and were a family. The cookouts on lawns and the laughs spread abroad. It's the world you do
Everyday a child is born, and everyday a child is taken. Whether it's from white on black, or black on black, a child is taken.   Everyday a child is taken.
Did you see it?That brother can do itoh yes indeed he can,  
Shot at, choked, and hung All of the above Brought about the young Spreading hate, instead of love   Spat on and discriminated
Your existence is never trivialYour sins are always forgivableYour crimes are all permissibleNo matter how despicableYou’ll never be held accountable
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