Thicker than blood

My brothers and sisters,

Related by the shade of our skin.

My brothers and sisters,

Targeted by men who can’t fit in.

My brothers and sisters,

Running from the pigs that harm our men just because they can. 

My brothers and sisters,

Never knowing if they’ll live another day without the hate.

The love we give, the choices we make, everyday to survive the crimes committed against us.

All because of a hue? 

My sisters,

Protect your kids at all costs,

You never know when you’ll take a loss. 

My brothers,

There’s a target on your back,

Think fast,

 make your life last. 

My brothers and sisters, 

Protect each other at all costs,

You’ll never know when we will take the last loss.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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A poem to represent the everyday struggles of being African American.

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