Who We Are

  Who We Are


Imagine this

Your ancestors living life free,

No worries in the world,

Until foreigner’s land in your city,

With chains and guns,

Things you have never seen before -

Tack your family down,

Take them as hostages

To become their slave,

Treat them as dogs,

Listen to master...

The foreigner’s say,

Grab you by your neck,

Put a chain around you,

Look around - at the foreign land,

See your family chained,

Standing in line as you are,

Watch as your family go up,

And get sold to different foreigner’s,



And irritated at the same time,

Tears running down your cheeks,

As it’s your turn to go up,

Going once..going twice..

Sold to the man

In the suit.


America started to get better,

On June 19th no more slavery,

But after slavery ended,

The lynchings increased,

Jim Crow - Discrimination started to form,

And still continues this day,

Where black people get shot by white cops,

Just because of their skin color

Even when you wear a hoodie,

Like Trayvon Martin,




People march,

And say “Black lives matter”,

“Stop immigration”,


We still see,

Black people dying,

Mexican people being deported to Mexico,

Something gotta give,

Before there can be a change,

But just like,

Tupac said,

“Some things

Will never


The question is,

What will I be in the future?

The person who I would become,

In the future is an

Advocate for people,

Of every race,

Women rights,


Black lives,

And the homeless,

Where people

Don’t have to struggle,

To live life,

Where we

All help

Each other,

As a community,

And a country,


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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Hi Ayendica,

I'm a voice actor, looking for some stories and poems to make audio readings / dramas with. Will it be alright if I use yours? Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

Brian Random VA

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