Loud words to deaf ears

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 09:56 -- CierraT

Listen dammit! Our world appears perfect our town with families where everyone knows each others faces.Our televisions shows and movies seem like we laugh and were a family. The cookouts on lawns and the laughs spread abroad. It's the world you don't see is why were standing so strong. Once the camera turns its eye our city falls apart. The children are blind to knowledge and food is sparse. We’re pushed to lower cities because our skin stains the beautiful white towns or because my money isn't as much as you hold in your wallets that you clutch so tightly to your chest as youwalk past me on the street. Childrens cries fall upon deaf ears as their stomach loudly growls through the collapsing buildings.  People with faces different to the ones you see.We’re black faces in a white world like ink stains on your clean white paper.The things in our possession get stolen in less than a second. Our children steal from those who have food and just so they can stay alive.So they grow into their overpriced shoes and gold chains following the cycle. Woman left alone with children and our young men stealing from others. We have great potential but they've blinded us from it all so now all we see is sadness and darkness.All we know is what we are given and what we see.Prayers for education, clean clothes and food go ignored. We’re fighting for our rights we've had enough of the lies but apparently were the bad guys. Because we pray and we use our voices it's seen as wrong and not ok.Please listen to calls of our children as they cry in the street we want to be heard by the world for who we are. Please see the issue of the destroyed cities and broken swing sets for our children. We just pray for your ears please just give us thi.   

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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