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We are great and strong We have the bear, the Mighty Grizzly Takes five shots to kill Thunders like a raging storm Mauls with the weight of a falling boulder Can face the river and stay steady
Film class A documentary, my teacher says The bear man appears on the screen He lives with them The Bears “Dangerous creatures” he says into the camera He loves them
There once was a cave, There lived three bears, A momma, a daddy, and a cub. They lived happily hunting and hybernating. Once, they were out hunting.
Wandering home from across the stream Catching fish all day, so many salmon and bream With mother and father, so warm and mighty
Curly Locks was chillin' playing basketball. Thinkin' 'bout how he could dunk if he were seven feet tall. Strolled back down the street 'cause he was hungry now. Could've eaten a chicken, turkey and a cow.
I Watched the moon around the house Yet I knew its eyes couldn't scrutinize so Why Watch?   I watched the sun around the room glide freely as the clouds that surfaced Before my face
Brown bear, black bear, white bear and more. The eyes of the bears stares  at bore. How come the boar dared the bear ? Brown bear, black bear, white bear and more. All of the bears cared not to discourage.
A beautiful field of green full of commotion 
We cannot say what we are not,  
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