Baby bear's run in with an Intruder

Wandering home from across the stream

Catching fish all day, so many salmon and bream

With mother and father, so warm and mighty

But there is still porridge at home! So we only snack lightly


On our way to the cottage I’m filled with glee

Up ahead! Our home! Oh so wonderful to see

I imagine my favorite things in my sight

My chair and porridge, and a bed that’s just right!


But once we reach the door, we find it ajar

It’s a bit odd but nothing too crazy so far

But then we reach the kitchen, I let out a shriek

My porridge! It’s gone! My mood’s becoming bleak


I go to my chair, looking to sit and decompress

But in it’s place all that’s left is a mess!

Oh it takes all my power not to fall and weep

I’m just left with my bed; my favorite place to sleep


Into the bedroom, and we know something’s amiss

Some sort of presence that we couldn’t miss

Oh wait, right there, I can see a dame

She’s sleeping in my bed! Has she no shame!?


My parents had enough of this violating lass

And he let out a roar with his voice so crass

The gal leaped her feet and let out a cry

And out the window she flew, leaving our bear house a pigsty



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