Curly Locks and the Six Bears

Curly Locks was chillin' playing basketball.

Thinkin' 'bout how he could dunk if he were seven feet tall.

Strolled back down the street 'cause he was hungry now.

Could've eaten a chicken, turkey and a cow.

So hot in the desert should have brought a drink.

Dehydrated and tired can't even hardly think.

Saw a mirage across the street thinking it was Seven Eleven.

Went into a house thought he had gone to heaven.

Ate up all the food and drank up all their drinks.

Layed across their beds now their house really stinks.

Six bears came home and growled at him for all his deeds.

The video he took will pay for all his needs.

Bears that live in a house must be civilized.

Encounters like that must be highly prized.










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