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I become more like the woman I wished to be everyday    I wear golden rings  And keep mints in my bag  Car keys in my pocket 
Debates seem civil, But when there is politics, People scream, "Me, me!"
it’s 2017 the closet doesn’t have a door there’s still monsters inside amongst binders and gender-neutral clothes   if you’re a millennial
To My Fellow Twenty-Somethings:   Oftentimes, the millennial generation -- The generation of which we are at the tail-end -- Gets a bad rep.  
I grew up in an age of technology, Where modern is my normal, People watching is my psychology I live off quinoa and zucchini noodles But don’t get me wrong,
The Millennial gene the kings and queens of social media  our lives are determined by likes and views close to a thousand we are stars, less than a hundred beauty isn't up to par
The summer has come and gone A freshman in college we are My sister and I are alone We cannot afford to go to college   We decided to return home
Everyone's high these daysSmoking joints between classes That we can only afford by sucking dick and taking names because we are up to our armpits in college debt and drowning in self worth issues but when I'm high it's alright I don't have to thi
Please don’t refer to us as “batches” y’know, like prototype after prototype after prototype we didn’t ask to be struck and burned out like matches and while you wait for the time we’re ripe,
For all intents and purposes, I am a mess, Like a child's finger painting is art, And like a child, I'm a little too confident To be meandering around like I know Where I'm going
You are just another face. You are a statistic. A number that can be manipulated. You are a small piece of a chart, Put into a section, By someone who doesn’t know your story,
Listen to me!I need to be heard!My mind is a notebook and for nineteen years I’ve been writing,scribbling away, but no one will take the time to read!  
We are infinitely clueless, yet eager to learn more; and smiles mean the world to us, as loneliness can be so pervasive.
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