The Millennial Queen

The Millennial gene the kings and queens of social media 

our lives are determined by likes and views

close to a thousand we are stars, less than a hundred beauty isn't up to par

DM's and emojis describe us all wierd and outlandish the Millennials are

are actions and words come from the music we hear

our souls are untouched, fragile and unclear  

we don't have a mind of our own so they say, but we just do things in a different way

They say we wont change history we just ruin it well in my eyes everyday is a moment

that no one has noticed yet.

we share struggle and pain in the art and maybe the rap game we use dance to express the way we feel

the videos to show or express what were afraid to say in person or to say my life is great when it aint

you will never know because the LOL and smiley emoji didn't let it show

the millennial gene can be a very powerful one, outspoken, and less looked upon

you say we are lost, we can't change the world, we have no hope, no guidance, no sense

millennials made it through the crucial and critical times strong and united together

we dealt with loss, riots, race war, political war, school war, war against eachother

millennials are still standing still trying to make a difference don't look down upon the young and our exsistence

were the generation the up and coming unique changers with the hearts and souls that can achieve goals



This poem is about: 
My community


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