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La depresión es una enfermedad grave Que puede conducir a la autodestrucción Los pensamientos suicidas y la imaginación espeluznante
We all want to be heartless.We all want to walk through this world and feel no pain.Have no demons on our backs.
The blood drips down from the scar that was just created. The rush of pain and anxiety, no longer subdated. Her tears were dripping like soild rain, Dreaming of the day she could rid herself of the pain.
The emotions ruining though my head are empty and deprived of every little breath of oxygen. Like a prisoner trapped within a frozen den. With the emptiness consuming my soul, predicting the very out come of my life.
The paint on theses wall are starting to fade away. My everlasting grip won't always be here to stay. This faulting and destructive envy inside of this pain, Well slowly start to leak out of my hopeless brain.
From start to finish I fucked it all up I rose from the bottom just to be shot down at the top Got conceived by my own selfish pride and foolish mistakes, Only to realize I've made my mark,  
I wrote a poem about a girl, And I though that I'd share it to the world. So That it would bring hope to the ones That are heart broken, And help them to find words that are soft spoken.
I feel the warmth of strangers voices but I know I am alone.     In a semi coma a darkness pulls me under, to a sea of thought.    I wonder why can't I fell each snow flake land on my skin. 
You were never the one who got tests hung up on the fridge and you never handled a ball well enough  to earn a trophy or attention. You were never your sister, who had
She cant help but to feel,  every eye slithering up her spine as she slowly takes her seat in the back row, giggles cause her to put her head down, water floods the desk an begins to drip slowly
  When your breaths caught   And your thoughts stop  
Into December the Sickness hung low, striking a match with souls in tow. He grabbed their hands and dragged them along, grip burning a fire so painfully strong. Blazing red eyes diminished their will,
Why does the world With all of color and exuberance Now just seem dull and full of grey. It once held sunlight And children playing. Now it just sits and patiently waits. There's no move to stand
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