Chaisng My Demons

From start to finish I fucked it all up
I rose from the bottom just to be shot down at the top
Got conceived by my own selfish pride and foolish mistakes,
Only to realize I've made my mark,
Tore down the wrong doors.
Got lost inside a dark place,
Only to find there was no escape.
Just a youthful lust for a fake emotion.
Torn by the love of a fake devotion.      
These demons trapped inside my own brain are tearing me apart.
Piece by piece they rip out my heart,
My lungs losing air as I take my finally glance at this poison.
Deep remorse of love from the heart in which was chosen.
The blood dripp'n from my hands
The gun lain on the floor
Blood drips from the heart
In which was just torn.
What have I become?
Why am I such a ...
Piece by piece they rip out my heart
Chasing my demons just to try and find an escape 
Trying not to be lost inside my own brain.
But I'm tearing my self apart.

My nightmare are slowly coming to life,
As I reach into a dark for the shaper knife.
To cast out all emotions within
And to repent from all my ungodly sins

I struggle for resistance, drowning in my own pain
One good look at evil, until I open in.
The blade sharpens deeper, pierced through the skin
I take one last breath of freedom until I shove it in.

My demons trapped in side my head, are tearing my apart
Piece by piece they rip out my heart
Destroying all sense of emotion
As I fall quickly into the red ocean.

...Who will save me now?
...Who will rescue the sound?

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wow. great last lines, they were very powerful and got the message across.

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