a poem dedicated to broken hearts

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I had once loved a Poet; daring, audacious, tall, sensitive, true. He could hear my heart speak from simple texts and knew just what to say to draw me deeper in love. It was his heart;
I looked down at my hands. They were shaking. Badly. I knew what was happening. But I couldn't stop it. I knew there were tears in my eyes even before one glided down my cheek.Then a rainstorm of tears came.
       Tear stains  underneath her eyes. Sick of being used for the things she hates  about herself.    “Why do you fall so hard, heart?’ Why do you trip falling downhill
They say time heals the pain... Sometimes I think we only adapt to what is. Some receive support,Love, care, hugs, then we have memories. They may rip our minds, or even trip our minds sometimes we may even get a sign.
The boy was corrupting her like a leech stuck to her skin But she didn’t know any better so she stuck by him She started changing slowly, didn’t even notice
Dear First Love,          I just wanted to remind you... When you took a bite of the forbidden fruit, you consumed the promises you made
You were made for more Yes, I said You were made for more I want you to know As certain as the wind that blows Or the grass that certainly grows You were made for more
Was my heart meant to be broken? Because this time I don't think I can make it. I continuously fake a smile, when I see you with him.
You must have forgotten I ain’t a quitter I bleed sugar and syrupCan’t hurt what is already broken No words even need to be spoke All your lies I have already heardMay be I was just a toy for your amusement Abusing and confusing my feelings for sa
Each flower I picked for you I wished and wished For your words to be true But even the steams Knew you told lies Slowly, they shrunk Without saying their goodbyes Each flower I picked
Past Present What’s real and what isn’t Vibrant colors blend into shades of grey The same starless nights blacken her face The same empty bed and distant shadows that blanket her world in empty silence
They say if you love something let it go What they don't know is it's not that easy When I let you go I was bruised and broken I was left heavy breathing There was nothing to hold onto
To be touched and crushed by something that I least expected it from. It came close to my heart, but killed my soul when it was done.
The heart can be broken But the laugh box never heals   Tears dry but a heart fails Evermore life pales   The heart is broken But this laugh box can’t heal
You think I am harsh? This broken heart You think Harsh? Then walk my steps Years lost love… Broken steps falter Love’s failed grace Am I so harsh? Wounded so?
I used to love you,
Even someone cold as you Could feel this summer heat I would just like to know If your heart breaks when it beats   August has long since gone Your voice creeps in my head
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