Beautiful Girl, You Were Made for More

You were made for more

Yes, I said

You were made for more

I want you to know

As certain as the wind that blows

Or the grass that certainly grows

You were made for more

Why do you treat yourself as if you were a discount

Downing and mis counting your worth

Don't treat yourself as such

There's so much gold within

Let these words mend that broken heart

Dear beautiful girl

Hasn't anyone every told you

Beauty is measured

By the treasure in which you hold

On the inside

You were made for so much more

Than a occuational drop by

Than ignored calls and lies

Here's the message i want you to get

Dear beautiful girl

There is so much more

And it is waiting just for you

So tell me

Do you believe

That you are so much more



When you look

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Our world


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