You must have forgotten I ain’t a quitter I bleed sugar and syrupCan’t hurt what is already broken No words even need to be spoke All your lies I have already heardMay be I was just a toy for your amusement Abusing and confusing my feelings for safety But I greatly appreciate the lesson you taught me Your the reason I don’t do affection I am tired of loving you I should have never trusted my heart I was doomed from the start Every part of me said to walk away But my feelings screamed please stay You played with my emotions Sending me through the motions Did I really forget who I was Or just high on filling that missing piece All the words written and wishes can’t change this I forgot i’m a warrior I got caught in your eyes Between all the lies I’ve seen pain But I can’t explain this emotion This explosion That just keeps goinYou were a drug I couldn’t quit I am a survivor I guess no one told you You thought you could controlled me But I found my armor A former love went sour Because you were the coward Powered by your feelings I promised never to leave But you promised never to hurt meYou demolished my heart Leaving me where I startedHeartless in the Darkness Of what I thought was love Above all else I learned who you wereAnd I promise never to fall againMaybe we were just a sin But I refuse to wipe another tear Cause I know your somewhere with a smile I really hoped you were different But I guess not all fairy tales have a happy ending....

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