Forbidden Fruit

Dear First Love,

         I just wanted to remind you...

When you took a bite of the forbidden fruit, you consumed the promises you made

You said you would never leave now you refuse to look my way

To me when we were lovers I thought we’d be forever, but when you’re under weather you pushed me into the gutters.

Now I feel dirty, broken down and my skin has been scarred,

the girl that I loved, you no longer are. I can’t stand the outcome

Is this what love is because i’d rather tear out my heart out just to get rid

of the feelings you gave me , when our eyes met

we were “together” for 5 years so now what’s next?

You drove me crazy with pain and love.

Back then I would mourn the absence of your touch

I would beg to see you, plead to see you you’d tell me

“You're busy with your man and stuff”.

I was the confidential man,

We’d make secret plans behind his back

So you wouldn’t have to face your boyfriend’s wrath

Had me thinking that this is okay, that there’s nothing wrong with that,

not realizing that you have always been a trap

Making me in comparison nothing but a tap

If you ever come back in my life...
Well don't.
You'd see the damage you caused
It's too much to rewrite as I rewrite our history in my mind
I'm trying to make it clear to me
that I'm slowly changing all because of you and me I've cut my hair, my attitude changed I'm always happy and trapped in a daze Waiting for the minute, second, and hour that you would say you love me with all passionate power that you could produce, at love I just lose but I do have something to prove.

I want to prove to you that I truly did love you

and now that you’re not here with love I think i'm done too, calling you out is kind of bold my body’s young but my mind is old and  

I have come to realize that I have a heart of gold

Which life had turned to copper

Rusted over overtime by an emotion resistant father

Melted slowly by my lover, who said she could never love another

But where’s the truth in that as you only loved me undercover

Had a mate and another only loving me under covers

Grabbing my face as you covered,

My emotions just like the others

Left me broken down into pieces

Threw me away and now you’re leaving

And now I know I make no sense

Because I still love you yet I regret, opening up myself pulling my slowly beating heart out of my chest just for you to tell me that you want to sample all the rest,

So you can take your options even though you used me for sex

Eve, you took a bite of the forbidden fruit, I hope you know what’s next!


             Seven Bartlett


     Your Ex




Dedicated to my first love who broke my heart and left it that way. 


dude, heck yeah. great piece of work you wrote here


This is really good dude,  can just imaigne it as a spoken word song

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