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I always win. No matter the game, no matter the argument, no matter the situation; I always win. No matter how hard you avoid nor how badly you plea the decision is up to me.
Pastel masks of perfection designed to improve our disturbing reflection.   Made too thick to look past, it's such a necessity for some the marks will last.   It morphs into our skin,
Soft as a brush Bright as the colors is my one and only lover.   Lips rolld back with each stroke. Gentle and smooth in every word she spoke.   Her face fare
To dam water that flows to a withering rose is a sin.   To release a flood to a drenched shrub is a sin.   For both will die whether wet or dry.   Though the mystery
I feel like a Dinosaur. While all of you are busy trying to decide whether you're happy, mad, sad, or just in love, I am busy being a Dinosaur. Specifically, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  
What do I find awesome? Education and the fact that it helps me blossom Everything from reading to color coding notes Reading lets me discover new worlds and teaches me cool new words
By the breaking of dawn, the bright lays of sun penetrates the sky unto us, 
You are you, and that is awesome.   You show up late to first hour every day. You have no pencil or paper.  
Who of thought I'd have a friend like her.
The birds chirping by the river. The orange fish swimming in the pond. The endless laughs shared by my friends. The sugary treats at Roma. Dressing up the Lugnuts statues.
You know what's awesome to me? School. You know what's even more awesome to me? High school. The first great thing about high school is timing. I get to get up every morning at 6 a.m., 5 if I'm lucky.
Cheese and crackers Cheese with ham it would be awesome if I won this grand! 50 likes is all I need Give me fifty likes. Oh please, please, please! So like this post
When I was little girl. I would often have my eyes closed. My father thought that I closed them because I was ready for a nap. My mother thought I had allergies. My brothers thought I was crazy.
Whenever I tell anyone that I want to major in
All of the simple wonders and joys of life; Forget about all the pain and strife.   The smell of delicious baking cookies wafting through the air,
The papers constantly flip from Shakespeare to logarithms Injecting steroids the books surround, trapping me in a prism Knees quivering under the weight with no beaks so no rhythm
I can skip stones Earth made from a dead man's bones, but I'll never truely understand  the story behind the nicks and dents  that've made them so smooth.    But I can honestly say,
I have tots, they're my little dreams.  Tucked into bed with me, each night, between my sheets.
what a beautiful thing it is to live 
I've never written a poem before. But yet I find myself here at 12:38AM on my laptop once more looking for a solution. A solution to pay for my tuition, my books, my room and board,
Something good something bad, something terrible something sad,
Some, like me, define bliss as winter misty mornings that blanket your path.
So what’s so awesome about life? So many tragedies and hardships to endure So many closed doors So many times you fall and fumble Days that left you heartbroken and moments that were best to be left unspoken
Chapter 1: My mother meets a man. She thinks she loves him, but she doesn’t know what love is. A one night stand with a perfect stranger is not love. Deciding whether to abort your baby
Lily pads afloat water , while my heart afloat'
Inspirational inspirations draw pictures in my
To the mother who spends 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 60 minutes a hour..loving me . This poem is for you.
Change is awesome. And I’m not talking about the unexpected little bonus found in an old pants pocket or a dusty jar, I’m talking about the world, far and wide and endless to a pair of new eyes.
Like a speck of dust, like a tick on a dog’s belly, I go unnoticed—the price I pay as a small girl in a big world. I’ve been tossed aside and told, “You’re too small, too weak,
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