Amazing Help

Who of thought I'd have a friend like her.
Someone to motivate me as I grow.
There isnt anyone else I prefer.
Just look at her, with such a unique glow.
A friend like her is one who pushes you,
A friend like her is one to show you love.
With her I never feel a little blue,
I usually feel like I am above.
Above the world that always brought me down.
Never will I feel lower than the ground.
She will never let it down, if I frown.
Next to her i feel happy and sound. 
Thank you for always being so awesome,
you always pushed me and helped me blossom.
This poem is about: 
My family



I wrote this for

my greatest friend. She has helped and pushed me since we meet. I can never thank her enough. Hope you enjoy this sonnet 

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