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Stroll through the park dew on the freshly cut grass and yellow glimmering on the path. The smell of the sun mixed with the Pacific coast breeze.  Every year, every season, every month, and every day
I stand on the edge of a cliff, and this cliff is called my future. Yet, as I stare down, it begins to turn into a rift. The doors of opportunity I see open become fewer and fewer.  
I have the Power to Presevere and inspire my Peers. I have the Power to Outweigh my Obstacles and Overcome my fears.
I am from the concrete. Taught to be smart from books and from the streets. I am from the Hard Times and the High bills.  From New England, with snow and icy winds with chills.
“You are the lucky one” They tell me “You are privileged” Society screams I am white, I am middle-class, I am American, but I do not always feel lucky I do not always feel privileged
I am a human But a subject to your words Sweating to be free
Im driving down the road An emerald meadow bathed in moonlight The azure river did flow That mid summer sunday midnight  
It's time for me to take a leap From the sky above To the sea beneath Help me through the struggle I see For there is a light shining just for me
The way the time may go, The way the water flows The way the sun shines in my eyes, Today I pray That though the storm may rage
You are a mountain
Can I just hit rewind?
To the girl Who would walk down the halls lined with fire Venture blind into the tall grasses
I have long since forgotten       how to define myself in ink and pencil shavings.  
Have you ever started to fall? And you realize that you’re falling And you know if you don’t catch yourself soon enough; it’ll turn into crawling.
Everything is Awesome Why, because I’m crazy So while I’m outside walking through the storm Others are tucked away in comfort; lazy
I am not a martyr but a revolutionary with my poetry as my weapon i know you all wonder what a few rhyming words can do and to that i say not all poems rhyme...but i digress i am not a hero but a revolutionary with my cloak of knowledge and my ar
Limbs are lengthy like a tree. The smile is blossoms for all to see.   Voice of syrup sweetly flows, Kind despite all the highs and lows.   Through each winter the life persists,
Work hard and when that is not enough work harder, Work until your flaws fade to black, Work until people stand up and take notice,
Just listen And listen to me good. Hang on to every word I’m about to say. Because I really mean it.  Don’t take it as a joke But really understand what I feel.
It’s Crazy How People Can Remember The Time They Had Spent With People More Than They Can Remember The Answers To An Exam. I Guess We All Know What We Cherish The Most...   I Knew A Guy ,
Need a little inspiration? Never give up! :)
Writing a poem is easy I say I’ll do this right now to pass time away But suddenly I feel my brain start to daze Before I know it my eyes are glazed This could easily be a piece of cake
To be crude, To be rude, Is something she never learned. To be sweet, To never cheat, Was stamped into her mind and burned.   A perfect little porcelain doll waiting in an abyss,
One day I found Poetry needed no rhymes So unlike, when the piano clunked, when my sobs sogged keys, when my fingers clumsily blundered, The keys I was taught to play Displeasing Mother’s ears
Go ahead and say it a voice like a comet the moment at hand the glory of this land though growing up's tough you become strong enough to endure and push through inside the red, white and blue
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