The Cliff.

Sat, 02/23/2019 - 20:31 -- jla619

I stand on the edge of a cliff,

and this cliff is called my future.

Yet, as I stare down, it begins to turn into a rift.

The doors of opportunity I see open become fewer and fewer.


The doubt kicks in if I'll ever be someone in life.

with my heartbeat in my ears,

my confidence falls and my motivation declines.

Yet, I cannot show the world my tears.


I ask myself if I'd be able to take that one small step for man,

I also question, if I'd volunteer to discover uncharted lands.

How can I say that I would? The steps I take now sound hollow-

with the fear of failure in-sync to follow.


Some follow Slim's advice to not be afraid,

but in truth, aren't we all just hiding from life's blade?

Playing hide and seek with our shadows,

because we're afraid that we've plateaued. 


And I feel it in my chest- this damned heart doesn't seem to slow.

At any moment, with just a word the curtains will be called,

and yet I'll act appalled.

Because I never believed it'd happen to my 'show.'


Like a hero who's on their first flight,

At any moment I'll slip up like I'm on ice.

How did I get in this situation, anyway?

Who said going to college was playing it safe?


'Just turn around and walk away' my body suggests,

'And run away farther than the east is from the west.'

I quiver inside my own skin

Because as much as I want to finish, where do I begin?


But the future holds much, to those who want it.

but my legs are tired and ready to surrender,

my soul ready to quit.

perhaps if I gave up, it'll be for the better.


But the only thing I have to fear is fear itself.

I yell at the rift- at the world's face.

Yes- I have to stand up for myself.

Because I refuse to be unwritten- to be erased.


And so I entered the ring, I enter into the unknown.

I'll write out my legacy with a pen and paper,

and from this day forward, I will no longer let my future be postponed.

I will not allow the world to use its eraser.

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