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Awakened by bullets,
Do You Not see what I do Such strength that can shake mountains and move rivers You have purpose ,like oxygen on earths Surface Everything About you is Awesome , Everything you touch..just blossoms
To be individual Live with residuals  'cuz after all only you can get into you can't be predictable got to be original
Awesome is made within As you can see Awesome starts with me   Embrace yourself Because there is no one like you You're one of a kind, that's true   You determine how people see you
Let the sparks fly Ride the thought Ride the Ride Suddenly, beauty comes alive Its so wonderful, Its so great The way the mind has made its way Into material world, into this sensatious whirl
Waking up in the morning to that yellow ball of fire is like dreadful confidence to get up. It gives you hope by letting you know its not to late to find "that something".
Their white life force we graciously take, and place in holy plastic/glass/carton containers, For us to consume with our meals, or just on a whim.  Give praise to the cow that moos.  
Smile My smile Is cover art For the bigger picture beneath & I pray you don’t discover the true me My lips are silhouettes of pain A cabalistic crevice that stifles
I have a face for every person
Wake up every morning knowing How blessed you are.    God woke you up this. He didn't have to, but he did. God gave you vision today. He didn't have to, but he did.
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