Life is awesome

Fri, 07/17/2015 - 03:06 -- Nautica

Waking up in the morning to that yellow ball of fire is like dreadful confidence to get up.
It gives you hope by letting you know its not to late to find "that something".
"That something" is what keeps you moving, gives you purpose, and makes sure your heart skips a beat when you finally realize that this day, this moment was meant to be.
See without life "That Something" would be nothing because how could we possibly enjoy anything if we are not living.
Its not the breath in , breath out living that tocks our ticking hearts.
Its the living where your failures become your fears and your success become nightmares that makes "That Something" become a reality and helps it thrive.
When you find "That Something " everything becomes clear as water and the little things that woke you up this morning dance around in your head like joyful memories .That sense of light that peeked through the window and grasped your face somehow made your day and that bike ride you had that evening literally took your breath away but gave you a sense of accomplishment and made you feel in control of your future. Even that moment where you sat down on the couch for the very first time that day filled you with triumph because you were relax and at peace with your decisions. It made you happy because you realized that life is not so bad and even the little things that are surrounded by chaos can feel you with solitude. Life is awesome and our mornings to our days is how life gives us do-overs and reminds us to live.

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Love life.

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