To Be Individual #EverythingisAwesome

To be individual

Live with residuals 

'cuz after all only you can get into you

can't be predictable

got to be original

being you is only meant for you

 give me a minute

don't give a limit

just give me a listen

this time that I'm spendin'

please dont get offended 

It's my life I'm livin'

Don't let people poop on me like they are pigeons

I'm having a blast 

growing up like some grass 

moving on and learnin' stuff from the past

is it sad I wrote this like I write raps

They ask me, "How much it cost ya?"

I say, "Don't matter, I became the boss bruh!"

I'm always livin life never playin' possum

This is why me, I, and Everything Is Awesome!

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