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To find yourself is pure happiness to let everyone know that their opinions no  longer bother your soul
What is the source of all that will power we possess? Faith. Faith is the strength within us that gives us the power. What is that force that drives you to success? Faith.
The Voice in Me it comes from somewhere deep down inside my soul it says things that seem to seep deep into my core it makes my curiosity soar my thoughts begin to roar
(if I were)-Vivian Okafor if i were an artist i'd draw you in my canvas i'd tint your light complexion I'd shade in your dark brown skin I'd carve your curves to perfection I'd make you my masterpiece
Some may say, 'roses are red, and violets are blue and darling I love you'   Others might say 'my love for you is bulletproof'.
  Watching ultrasounds that reveal his heart flutter Instant unconditional love that makes me melt like butter.   Nine short months of kicks and hiccups
      My friends and family aren’t awesome   It isn’t possible that   They are there for me   Everyone said that   I won’t improve and achieve my goals  
When people say "the real world" What they mean is: Taxes, Unfulfilling marriages, Bitchy soccer moms, Desk jobs. I don't want their "real world." I'll make my world.
Today I slipped back into it  As if I had been going through Yesterdays using my non-dominate hand
In one infinite moment  I chose a new beginning  Where laughter is not subtle 
I was so excited when I got my first acceptance.  
Upset, angry, tired, cold, Chocolate, espresso beans, warm pork-pulled. When I feel bad: food is there, Food is awesome and I don't care.  
It's what you grow up hearingEverything is just so awesomeEspecially when you get olderCause then it just gets better
Everyone can do unique things with their voice,
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