My World is Not the Real World

When people say "the real world"

What they mean is:


Unfulfilling marriages,

Bitchy soccer moms,

Desk jobs.

I don't want their "real world."

I'll make my world.

My world is a canvas,

Blank, private, a secret between me

And the universe.

My world is painted with wide brush strokes,

Handled with care and splattered with love.

My world is full of adventure:

Time is my mentor,

Life is vibrant and hums with energy,

Each breath is wealth beyond measure.

My world is ambitious,

Cannot be stopped by white men in power,

Cannot be tamed by parents or lovers.

My world is shifting,

My world is new each day,

My world is shining and hopeful

And full-throated singing.

My world is not my parents' world.

My world is not "the real world."

My world is so much better.

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