I'm awesome.

Some may say, 'roses are red, and violets are blue and darling I love you'  

Others might say 'my love for you is bulletproof'.

And after so long of 1,000+ reasons of why you shouldn't be with that person 1 reason is all you need to tell you otherwise, that it's all worth it.

How I wish that applied too all.

1,000+ negative comments "fat, ugly, b****, stupid, worthless,..." and so on leaves one destroyed.

Even when they get that one compliment or acknowledgement "you're beautiful, you're great, amazing, awesome, perfect... ". 

The evil makes you weak at knees 

You fall to the floor 

And see nothing that you truly deserve. 

Day by day you give in and at night you seem to be lost..

Slowly but surely you start to realize not all those who wander are lost. 

With every choice you make you create your path.

I have chosen to realize I am imperfect.. but that's what makes me, me. And to me I'm perfect because no one else is me and that makes me special, awesome and perfect. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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