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Whisper strands,
We are not bound by blood, but we are still bound together. Our family may be different, but different makes us better. Brothers and sisters, all over the world Joined with another under one sign,
When life hands you lemons, You make lemonade. That’s the way The cards are played. But if life hands you a pitcher, Where do you get those lemons? If life hands you nothing
I could list and list and list and list
                                                                                                Everything is awesome   Looking at her S saw her awesomeness The lady with the commands
Miracles utter beneath their footsteps Screaming to be heard, pounding to be acknowledged As they yell, they realize they are silent And no one knows they exist   A small girl crouches down to her feet
Beep. Beep. Beep. That sound you can’t escape: The scream of a new day Plagued by worries And fighting And running And hurries And panic
I am from a common city where we are all the same, from a happy and loud place where everyone envies people for what they have.  
I am a woman. 
The trees so tall and full of life, 
Sometimes I just need to be alone. Sometimes, being alone could be the death of me, putting it lightly. But most of the time, I just need to listen to music.   Be it that new song from “Soupy”
If you leave,
A book can be diminutive or tall. The print can be massively large or small. Never judge a book by its cover,
My body is awesome Your body is awesome Your mind is too But you can only be you So why be blue, If you can only be true?   That smile on your face Can be as big as you case.
Little feet, approaching fast."You're here! You're here!" is all I hear
We used to sneak out at 2am  rolling downhill in freshly dewed grass   We used to catch fireflies that would eventually die convinced that leaves would sustain their lives  
Times get tough, Friends come and go, Life can be rough, But it is you who will glow. The sun will still rise, the clock will still tick, you just have to take everyday as a prize,
 They always state "How are yo
These thoughts, my thoughts,
“Everything is awesome” is said by all Trying to pick themselves up from their fall When all they do is ignore the bad and hope it goes The bad is left to get worse and we are all left with our woes
  Tears of sadness, tears of pain, tears of joy and laughter Sleeplessness a result of stress, nervousness, excitement Heart beating fast, feelings of anxiety, feelings of heartbreak and feelings of love.
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