I AM From

I am from a common city where we are all the same, from a happy and loud place where everyone envies people for what they have.


I am from the peace, love, loudness, and craziness of the family the home rising up and the family hiking up.


I am from the rose garden where thorns make up my life, the redness of blood and love, and the simile it gives when it’s given to someone.


I am from Zapata’s and villa’s tradition, keeping alive the Mexican trait with peace and love, from Garcia and Mendoza- long living women, hard working, and very supportive wishing life was immortal to clean up  mistakes, start life with the correct foot, and love the one that love you.


I am from a world full of challenges and hardships where people think I am perfect and non human, from loudness and regrets of my parents wishing I was a different person, knowing they can’t see the real me a women of results and achievements.


From a secret box keeping everything inside and only fly out when I reach out to

the sky and leave everything behind, cleaning the soul and not having regrets inside.


I am from the affiliation of trust and love thinking of every saint in the culture and protecting yourself and the family anyway you can, never letting the enemy get close to you and make them feel superior over you.


I’m from East LA with pride I say in the world of being Mexican eating enchiladas, mole, pozole, tacos, and tamales family raised by a single woman with struggles and hardship but never left our side.


From the knowledge and skillful person blood and love from Garcia Morales. I never knew my work paid off in nature with the blessing of having everything love and happiness, they tell me determination of yours will get you somewhere.


I am from the world that surrounds me with care and disaster among all the traits we have, I know and remember my name with the respect of the dead one, a girl who grew to a woman in a small age to develop the hard life and struggles.

 Now this woman would be

 successful and become important and impress those who drop her once, Left her side and threw her like trash and told her you’ll never become someone in life.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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