Sometimes I just need to be alone. Sometimes, being alone could be the death of me,

putting it lightly. But most of the time,

I just need to listen to music.


Be it that new song from “Soupy”

who I swear is either a lyrical genius

or a clairvoyant,

to that solo in senior year that I can still remember

how poorly I played the first time in my room.

Though my viola has long since felt my fingers,

I know it is there in times of need.


I suppose everyone is like this;

we all have troubled thoughts

sawing at our ears and begging to be heard;


that inflict our brains with discordant notes.


In these sorts of time signatures, I like to remember-

an F sharp is also a G flat;

it is all about perspective. And you know what?

It takes a sharp in the middle of a piece

to stand out and perfect this beautiful, occasionally chaotic,


That, in itself,

is awesome.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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