A Year of Realization

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Complete and utter mystery is what you represent You give me situations that are sometimes good and sometime bad You indifferently do your work without anybody’s consent
In 2016, I was in my own world. A place where I don't feel crazy, misunderstood, or just old. In my world, it always rained and I danced hand in hand with my old, gypsy soul and became a better version of myself as time went on.
He arrived at her place of residence She knocked from the inside And he opened the door, revealing a magnificent world  
I wanted to apologize for the day you told me you could no longer handle us. 
I thought if I held on to you a little tighter,
I could make you feel the love I had for you.
A year is enough time to look back and wonder why Things happened the way they did. Why didn’t you say the things you should have said? Every year it’s the same again.  
I don't know when I first realized it, But when I did it all made sense. I am not what the world sees me as, I am whoever I want to be. I have the capability to do what ever I want.
This is for the optimistic girl  that sings . This is for the late night talks and the joy she  brings . This for the guy  that hides every ounce of pain behind his smile and laughter.This is for the loved ones who passed away way after , the pain
And it all began with the realization, that I'm not a kid anymore. Ive spent much time in contemplation, looking to become something more. The year began itself unlike any other.
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