This Is For You

This is for the optimistic girl  that sings . This is for the late night talks and the joy she  brings . This for the guy  that hides every ounce of pain behind his smile and laughter.This is for the loved ones who passed away way after , the pain, the struggles, and the heartbreaks This is for you.Shake The Dust.God bless the child that have their own , because late at night they cry alone.No hugs , no kisses , no shooting star wishes.Just pain and lies and mental abuse because at the end of the day she is burnt out like fuse. No kids at her school realized the mountains she climbed , the thorns she step on , and the branches that fell in her family tree.This is for you.Shake The Dust.This is for the weak and weary , the old and fragile. Because every time they speak their voice melts like a candle.This is for the fights they fought and the ground they stood upon.So we could rejoice in freedom.But instead we huddle in fear. And weep in are own tears as we refused to lend a listening ear.This is for you.Shake The Dust. This is for the struggling single moms that work hard to make ends meet. Praying to God “ Oh Lord , is this what my kids need” ? A mother that's never home , but it's not like she roams the streets alone Anxiety fills her mind , and depression takes a toll on her heart IT KILLS HER.Not knowing overthinking was what tore her family apart. This is for you.Shake The Dust.This is for the older brothers , that are protective of their sister.This is for the unfaithful guy that always kissed her.This is for the love that was in her heart  , even though regret was what she feared from the start.This is for you .Shake The Dust.This is for you.This is for the thinkers. The midnight drinkers.The lackadaisical smokers.And the all-day dreaming dreamers                                                                                       That feel that they can never amount to society expectations.So they walk around all-night pacing in hesitation.This is for you .Shake The Dust .This is my message to the future generations .Never hesitate to be different.Because you are Kings and Queens building a beautiful empire in a united nation .This is for you .Shake The Dust .                                                              

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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