I Define Myself

I don't know when I first realized it,

But when I did it all made sense.

I am not what the world sees me as,

I am whoever I want to be.

I have the capability to do what ever I want.

I don't owe anybody anything.

The power to change who I am is within me.

But do I really change?

How does somebody change?

I am and always will be the same person.

The things I do, the things I go through,

They make me grow as a person. 

My experiences make me who I am. 

My times of happiness, my times of depression,

My times of mourning, my times of self-pity  

Without my experiences would I even exist?

If I strived to be somebody I wasn't who would I be now?

Nobody is the same, but it seems that we try to be  

Why care about what celebrities are doing,

When we should be focused on ourselves?

I was not put here to be a puppet to society. 

Society does not define me.

I define myself.



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