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Go to sleep, my darling. Close your pretty eyes. You’ll never see the morning  If you don’t make it through the night. My meart stops, my stomach drops, My bloody hands are shaking, and
She looks in the mirror and paints her face because a painted smile is easier than a plastic one and makeup is cheaper than a surgeon. She’s beautiful and she’s the only one who doesn’t know it. She’s lost in the dark. Running. Searching.
Hearts that cry with tears never seen Arms that bleed, covered up by sleeves Bruises behind a painted smile Lies of unworthiness treated as truth
Have you ever felt
  You think you know fear? Demons, ghosts, and possessions? You know nothing of fear. Fear is hearing the click from the other end of the phone, When your best friend just admitted to swallowing the pills.
The mind is never a wasteland And even without a helping hand The ultimate defense is to withstand And for happiness to be a demand. This is the youth of our nation Eagerly seeking salvation
Shall I tell you a story?A story in which the characters are real.The choices they made even more so?
I have coffee breath but it is worth it. I had concert breath and sleep deprivation but it is worth it to feel the energy of a dark room with only the stage lights and an acoustic guitar
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