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I have coffee breath but it is worth it.
I had concert breath and sleep deprivation
but it is worth it
to feel the energy of
a dark room with only the stage lights
and an acoustic guitar
to light the way for
a hundred voices
to sing
to welcome the heavy
and sing,
to embrace the hurt together
and sing,
to celebrate the heartbeats and
of lungs
and sing,
to share the stories that haven’t been told
and even the ones that are always told
at parties
or places like this when together
is a deep and bonding feeling of
energy, phenomenal surreal whole real gentle
it is moving.
I don’t know these people
but I celebrate with them
the little victories are getting out of bed or throwing out the pills or saying no or “this is my story”
and we celebrate them
viciously together, arm in arm open
receiving, vulnerable.
we celebrate the music that directs our pulses
the acoustics of the room, the vibes of these people,
this meaning, this music of hollow instruments and purposeful people
the fade-away snare and the musician who leads
us in the quiet dark
to our secret version of “amazing grace”
because it is grace that has led us to this place tonight
with these people who we do not know
to celebrate.
the poet who speaks bold words that steal our breaths,
sweeps us into the
motion of his words, momentum to do something
momentum to move
in the words flowing like water in gentle strength than any earthly water I know
because the words are the holy water of our celebration
the kindle to the flame
that sets our souls on fire.
we celebrate because the words give us hope
and do not leave us empty
or the same people we were when we entered this place
leapt into this sea and swam towards jamie’s words
that swept over our heads
caused riots in our hearts
and demolished the walls of our scars
to keep our stories locked up in a safe
all in a moment of breath.
and for that, we celebrate.
it was not what I was expected
but everything I needed.
I do not know these people
and we celebrate.


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