Horror Story

Sun, 07/28/2013 - 23:33 -- mg010


You think you know fear?

Demons, ghosts, and possessions?

You know nothing of fear.

Fear is hearing the click from the other end of the phone,

When your best friend just admitted to swallowing the pills.

Fear is fingers shaking, body racking, heart racing,

Dialing 911 and forgetting everything you need to say.

Fear is voice quivering, tears gushing,

Spitting out coordinates and names and thinking

Of every possible first sign of trouble.

Fear is keys in the ignition, driving seventy in a thirty-five,

Wondering how you could possibly make it in time.

Fear is doors slamming, feet dashing on hard wood and up stairs,

Screaming out and knowing there will be no answer.

Fear is seeing a hollowed friend,

Lying limp on the bathroom floor,

Hand clasped loosely around a prescription bottle.

Fear is sirens wailing, dark jackets entering,

Paddles zapping, currents running.

Fear is a silent heartbeat.

A time of death.

Fear is a note that says “goodbye”

And  “I’m sorry” and “but no one cared”.

Fear is black dresses and dusted-off suits,

And flowers laid on a glistening tombstone.


Fear is dreaming this,

Seeing this when you close your eyes.

Imagining this when you’re alone.

Looking at your best friend

Wondering if it’s for the last time.


You think you know fear?

You know nothing of fear.


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