Endless Stories

Shall I tell you a story?
A story in which the characters are real.
The choices they made even more so?

This isn't a new story.
It isn't even an old story.
Its in that in-between, betwixt the old and the new,
The fame and the shock.
This is a story told millions of times over,
On wrists, arms, legs, chests, breasts, feet, ankles, hands, necks.
This is a story repeated everyday,
TRILLIONS of times over.

I'm not the first to tell you.
I may not even be the first to betray their secret.
But I may be the first one you pay attention too.

You see, that story?
Its on my skin.
On MY wrists, on MY legs, on MY hands, on MY body.

Do you see, now?
Can you see the tiny scars,
The straight lines that were once hidden to you?

You were blind to them.
Willingly so.
This story is not new.
It is not old.
Betwixt the fame and the shock,
Our stories unfold.

Ours could be the life you save.
If you'd only open your eyes and see our scars for yourself.

You see,
Human nature is to hide from this. 
Human nature begs us to leave it alone;
They can handle it on their own, 
Your instincts tell you. 

But we can't.
This is why I tell you 
Because for every one that speaks out, 
There are THOUSANDS that do not.

You see?
My story is not the only one.
My story is not the last,
Nor the first.

It could be. 
If you'd just listen, 
And watch. 
Because we want to tell, 
Most of us.
Some of us just aren't ready. 

Will you be the one to end this travesty?
Will you be the one to put out a hand and HELP?
Are you brave enough?

We need your help.

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