self destruction

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Why do I feel  this way? Why do I always give you the benefit of the doubt and never cut myself the same slack?  words        spew and 
she dips her makeup brush in gunpowder instead of eyeshadow   because her mother was a soldier and her father was a poet,  
“I will be a flower” Said the seed And then he was a flower “I will grow to be the tallest” Said the flower And he never got chopped by the churning blade
I stagger through the gate and my daughter comes running, “Daddy! Daddy!” she screams running into my waiting arms. I lift her, I throw her up in the air, I see her flying, I want to break her fall,
It has been one of those days, Where I don't care if she goes or stays. Deadlines passed me by, And bosses expressed their dissapointment. It was generally a day, Of emotional excrement.  
Between my fingertips I hold the key to self destructionWith no instruction but to inhaleDeep and fast to make the head rush last and with destruction in handLooking around I suddenly noticed something
All I need is a place to call my own can you hear me now do you see me now This house is not a home!   The ground is shaking and I am screaming Cant you see me see me now  
Tonight feels like foreverWith your anger; my concernsThey seem bigger than beforeWe both yell out our fableTo diminishing returnsWith every answer begging more  
It eats away at me It is my arms It is my tree trunk legs I can hear my lips smack together I keep eating
The emotions ruining though my head are empty and deprived of every little breath of oxygen. Like a prisoner trapped within a frozen den. With the emptiness consuming my soul, predicting the very out come of my life.
Their judging stares make her giggle For they do not know They do not know that a year ago she would drink as thou
I'm listing in these waters of oxidized dust,
Who are we in this parallel demonism Like creatures from the hellbound all we do is destroy any hope We were given Our power dies with our soul We are nothing but unsatisfied bodies
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