Do what?

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 17:15 -- L_J_R

Tonight feels like forever
With your anger; my concerns
They seem bigger than before
We both yell out our fable
To diminishing returns
With every answer begging more


The light reflecting off the moon makes it hard to see it right
When it’s dark the time moves slower you can’t see reason through the night
The pale light grabs my one-half thinking and into stone it’s set
It’s better to die loud and angry before you live to feel regret


Tonight could be a river
We could capsize on the rapid turns
Or oasis on the shore
Tomorrow will be stable
Once through the fuel the fire burns
But I can’t fight anymore


You do not practice self-destruction, it takes only once with pluck
You can dance with daggers, but not mean it, but they still won’t give a fuck
I can run right into traffic playing coward with the cars
Maybe learn about myself lying face up, seeing stars



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