This House is not a Home

All I need is a place to call my own

can you hear me now

do you see me now

This house is not a home!


The ground is shaking

and I am screaming

Cant you see me

see me now


see that I am crumbling on the ground

I listen for those words of wisdom,

they are all I need.


I try to listen, your mouth is running,

but I dont hear a thing


All I need is your help

All I need is your love

I am drowning

Why aren't you pulling me up


Things arent going right,

I feel as if I am on a flight thats crashing

crashing down

spiraling out of control


I'm hitting rock bottom

All I need is your touch

But where are you now

I need you so much


Where are you now that I need you

Why have you just gone away

I needed you

You told me you would stay


But you didnt mean it

and now I am all alone


All I needed was you

to get me through

You left me here alone when

all I was needed you


You left me here alone...

In a house that's not a home




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