seize the day

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Like the sunsets fading, lost in the vast horizon, as we chase after the unknown. Those sleepless nights we spent, counting the stars sneaking away from reality. Who would have ever thought that time would soar, as we realized how most was spent, 
Come one come all, To this tragic affair. If the sun shant rise Will they be left in despair? Did thy do as thy may before the end of the day? Or were thy trapped in thy head
These days We wait For something to happen We wait for Fridays We wait to be seniors We wait to go to college We wait for the perfect relationship We wait for happiness
To the Unconcerned:   Whimsical you were when youth was upon you.  
Seize the day
  We work and we build. Bricks and mortar are our drug. But with all this progression, Time often pulls out the rug.   We sometimes miss Our only chance To take the plunge,
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