If I were a young spring and they were May,

So similar, yet, at odds, conflicted,

Light-years, eons apart, a Milky Way,

Long lazy days pass, I’m addicted,


To waiting around, wishing for an occurrence.

No background music, no scenery switch.

Living a meteor adolescence,

Is a boring life, a casual niche.


A life without love may be dull indeed,

If to adventure one doesn’t commit.

But if you ride a fast and fickle steed,

Then your heart is light, a court can acquit;


Redeem your blithe life, let go of the reins.

Don’t wait for anything, chase after it quickly.

Spend your life happy, but take care of your brains.

Do something absurd! Do something risky.


There are a myriad of things to do,

And I won’t ever laze around for you.

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