Letter to the Unconcerned:


To the Unconcerned:


Whimsical you were when youth was upon you.


Recall the

Peaceful whisper of summer's wind,

Lollipops, Santa Claus, and Tooth fairies,

Cotton candy like sweet air,

the times you shared

With friends.


Days spent skipping, time irrelevant,

when adults were the most intelligent,

drive-in movies with nachos and jalapenos,

popcorn drowned in butter.


When the glitter of the night air was brighter,

And the laughter was around every silly moment-

And every random thought of a past joke.


Slow down and live, lost child.

One day, in bed, on the edges of sleep and dread

everything will suddenly hit;

the heavens pitched a fast one-

you missed.


Like the fading of a dream, a distant memory you too will become.

Why take life so seriously, when you only have one?                                                


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