Carpe Diem



We work and we build.

Bricks and mortar are our drug.

But with all this progression,

Time often pulls out the rug.


We sometimes miss

Our only chance

To take the plunge,

Or start to dance.


We miss the train,

Or maybe the flight,

That could jump-start our future

All in one night.


We don’t fall in love,

We just fall apart.

We think with our heads,

And not with our heart.


Forget about memories

When there’s nothing to them.

There’s no time for memories

When we’re trying to condemn


All that is static,

Keeping us in the moment,

And all which do not

Help to conquer opponents.


So please, take a chance.

Reject your life, so vain.

Let yourself get lost.

Just try to make a change.


For soon these walls will crumble;

This castle will fall.

All that you’ve worked for

Will be nothing at all.


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