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O Julia, do you remember elementary school Where every one of us was a young fool Drunk on youth although we couldn't drink yet Free from the constrains of student debt Gee, Julia, elementary school ruled.  
Dear ------ -----:   "You just have to say it. Tell him. Trust me, you'll feel better." I wonder if it's really that easy.
There’s no such thing as a stupid question No, it’s in the syllabus; don’t you dare talk back It won’t get you very far in life, that disposition
Education                                                             How do we perceive education, does it help us guide our lives.
Have you ever, Taken a step back for the gratitude of your own work. Taken a step back, For the appreciation of the piers. For a wider look on the world, A look that digs underneath false notifications.
Down to the depths I fell. I saw the evil, heard the evil, and spoke evil. The world was evil, life was evil.   I was dying, slowly. I needed help, When I spoke to you I found the light.
Sitting in a box  A classroom, some call it Day after day Nine months of work all to take one test Is it really worth it? Six hours a day One hundred eighty days a year
When music speaks without speaking You feel it in your limbs You feel your skin begin to dance, at the different notes they hit When music speaks without speaking Your mind begins to dance
A poem does not need to rhyme to have merit. And my sentences do not have to flow with somber to have substance.
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