The Depths.


Down to the depths I fell.

I saw the evil, heard the evil, and spoke evil.

The world was evil, life was evil.


I was dying, slowly.

I needed help,

When I spoke to you

I found the light.


You exposed me to happiness.

I strive to be like you,

To help those who are in the depths.

To help those who are falling to the depths.


Bachelor Degree,

Master’s Degree,

And Doctoral Degree,

Are needed to be like you.


Things are still in my way:



Class fees,

Plane Tickets,

and Housing fees.


Financial Aid,

It does not suffice.

I need more,

I need to get through school.


I need to help those:

With troubled pasts,

With nowhere to go,

With no one around,

And who believe they don’t have a future.



Too many partake in it.

I need to help prevent it,

I need to help those understand:

That they have someone

They have a whole life ahead,

And they can climb out of the depths.


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