American Education

There’s no such thing as a stupid question

No, it’s in the syllabus; don’t you dare talk back

It won’t get you very far in life, that disposition

Remember to bring your unique mentality to the table, but only if you do it like that


We’re only here to educate and encourage you to learn

But you’re not allowed to unless we grade you

Unless you keep silent and in line, you will crash and burn

You must sleep 8 hours, wake up early, go to school for 8 hours, play sports for 3, do homework for 6, have a balanced social life, and have good grades – all of which there are no excuses and you have to earn


We want you to be yourself, but who you are must fit within these lines

If they don’t, don’t be scared, just take these pills and quickly, they’ll fix you

If you speak out you’re a problem child. Here’s a detention – give us even more of your time

We’re trying to help you achieve a better future, just don’t go after what you truly want to


You know, I used to be so curious

Why’d you have to take that away from us?

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